In the beginning, MVCSS was created by Nick Walsh and Drew Barontini as a means of formalizing their individual CSS methods. With version one of MVCSS, the ideas of contextual changes throughout a site were tied closely to the MVC, or Model View Controller, pattern, where higher-level body classes were applied for the Controller/View of the given page. This worked at first, but quickly grew unwiedly, and began to feel like an anti-pattern for how we should be writing our CSS. The change was made in version two, and, through the preceding versions, iteratively evolved MVCSS into a more mature framework.

The Team

Now, the front-end teams using and contributing to MVCSS are split across two companies, Envy and Code School. Their shared experiences working across a vast array of large-scale client and product-based applications have helped to shape MVCSS into what it is today.


Code School