MVCSS [Modular View CSS] is a Sass-based CSS architecture for creating predictable and maintainable application style.

CSS, for all its simplicity, is a difficult language to manage in large-scale implementations. Naming, paths to abstraction, structure, and methodologies are all free-form; MVCSS seeks to provide order for these sorts of projects.

Keeping with an architecture motif, applications are split into three major categories: Foundation, Components, and Structures. If Foundation represents tools, materials, and the ground level, Components are akin to creating a window, while Structures mirror a number of windows and doors creating a wall.

For a very early taste, here’s what a simple Component might consist of:

// *************************************
//   Card
//   -> Individual style containers
// *************************************

  background: $c-invert
  border-radius: $b-borderRadius
  box-shadow: $b-boxShadow
  padding: $b-space

// -------------------------------------
//   Modifiers
// -------------------------------------

// ----- Sizes ----- //

  padding: $b-space-s

// ----- Theme ----- //

// Hierarchy

  background: $c-highlight

// Error

  border: 2px $b-borderStyle $c-error
  box-shadow: none

// -------------------------------------
//   Scaffolding
// -------------------------------------

// ----- Label ----- //

  font-size: $b-fontSize-s
  font-weight: bold
  text-transform: uppercase

There’s no shortage of wonderful frameworks, ideas, and methods for tackling CSS across the web, and MVCSS wouldn’t exist without ideas set forth in few of these. Take a look at the Resources section to find out more about our architectural roots.